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                                                                            "Lee is passionate and very knowledgeable about massage.  He understands anatomy and                                                                                         physiology and how massage works to help heal the body.  He also listens and takes note of                                                                                     what does and does not work for each individual client.  Lee seems to welcome feedback and is willing to make adjustments so you get what is needed out of each session.  Also, he has excellent hours and availability and prices that can't be beat.  Whether you are looking for relaxation, therapeutic, hot stone, or cellulite massage - he does it all.  You should schedule a massage with him today - you're worth it!"  T. Stinson

"So great!!! I can't wait to schedule another!! Lee was so professional & made me feel at ease (very important when you are mostly naked lol), making sure the right pressure...etc. I would & will be referring my family & friends." H. Noyes

"Lee is an expert in the field of therapeutic massage using a variety of tools. I prefer the hot stone massage, it seems to loosen my tense muscles. I highly recommend Lee for the best massage of your life." G. Van Curen

"There are a lot of massage therapists in the Fort Wayne area, but great massage therapists are few and far between. I believe that massage is necessary, so I have received many massages through the years with different therapists. In order to really make a therapeutic change in a body that is off balance the therapist must have a knowledge base that allows them to make true change.   Lee, in my opinion, is one of those therapists and the best in the Fort Wayne area. I have been going to him for many years and have deep tissue massage and Thai Massage on a regular basis. He is knowledgeable in many forms of massage which allows him to truly customize your massage session to your needs, pain tolerance, and comfort level.   I have a job that is very demanding on my body and Lee has been able to keep me pain free. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who is dedicated to the art and profession of massage therapy to keep you pain free and healthy. " R. Hansen

"Pregnant?  Definitely see Lee.  The hot stone upgrade is well worth it and I've never felt so pampered, especially with my due date approaching!  The prenatal table with the removable stomach piece was perfect since it let me lay on my tummy without discomfort, and my back and shoulders were still able to be worked on.  He was very personable!  I loved how I was able to schedule on the website without calling or emailing to check availability. Very convenient!" J. Lehrman

"Todays massage wasnt my first massage but it was the best I have ever had. I was so relaxed I couldnt even talk. I just wanted to lay there and enjoy every moment. It was my first time with a salt scrub and it was amazing, I"m spoiled. You will be seeing me again Lee All my friends should make an appointment with Five Star Therapeutic Massage." N. Larson

"Deep tissue massage has my back feeling better than it has in a few years. Loved it"  A. Schillinger

"Lee gives, by far, the best massage I've ever had.  It was A M A Z I N G :)  I've been to dozens of spas and other massage therapists and he exceeds each and every one of them.   I can't believe I didn't find him sooner!  I left feeling relaxed with no more muscle pain or soreness.  He is a true professional and really makes you feel at ease.  The room is extremely peaceful and relaxing.   He is very passionate about what he does and gives a very personalized massage.  I will never go to anyone else and will be recommending all of my friends and family to him as well!  Thanks Lee - you're awesome!"  J. Olbin

"Lee provided an excellent atmosphere and massage experience. The online booking system is very user friendly, and his skill in a wide range of massage techniques makes him a very versatile person to work with - he will find the massage technique to fit your needs and expertly execute it. Thanks Lee!"  J.  Creighton-Beachy

"One of the best massages I've had. Lee was very purposeful with just the right amount of pressure. He's very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend him!"  J. Yoder Breischaft

"I've had a lot of different types of massages over the years, but Lee, and his techniques, are by far, hands down, the best there is!!  After struggling with frozen shoulder and tennis elbow I was about to have MRI's and more cortizone shots done and a friend recommended Lee - so I figured, what do I have to lose.  Literally after the first session, I immediately felt relief in my shoulder and elbow.  And now, after only 5 sessions, I am completely pain free!!!  This will become a part of my regimen to stay that way.  I even recommended him to my dentist, who was also struggling with tennis elbow, and he too is already feeling relief.  It's all about the connective tissue and freeing it up.  Believe it folks!  Give Five Star Therapeutic Massage a shot!  What do you have to lose?"  J. Vanderbeke

"Second massage with Lee today. I appreciate that Lee will try different modalities to address my particular issues. Swedish Massage is lovely but simply does not work with the issues I experience. I have had many massages over the last 25 years and Lee is definitely one of the best practitioners I have met.  Thank you, Lee!!!" R. Owen