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Lee has found the use of tools are a huge benefit to his clients in his massage practice.  This has set him apart from many others, with the knowledge and expertise that he has in the massage therapy field.  The tools are an added benefit that he provides to his clients – to help them live a fuller, pain free, and more comfortable life.  (You can get full descriptions of most of the tools he uses on our Facebook page, here:

Lee's positive attitude and spontaneous sense of humor endears him to his clients.  He works with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Lee seeks to enrich the lives of his clients by offering them self-treatment techniques for everyday use.  This accelerates the healing process and lessens chronic pain.  Clients find this particularly helpful when they aren't able to alter their daily circumstances (e.g. overuse of computers, prolonged desk work, or other ongoing life stresses).

Lee Wilcher, CMT 


Lee has had a love of helping others for decades. He's developed a thriving full-time massage therapy practice since graduating with an Associate Degree in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork from the Center for Vital Living.  Lee describes his work as "precision pain relief".  His passion for massage therapy and his zest for continuing education allows him to offer a diverse range of therapeutic modalities.

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