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Lee Wilcher, CMT and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher


Lee has had a love of helping others for decades.  He's developed a thriving full-time massage therapy practice since graduating with an Associate Degree in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork from the Center for Vital Living.  Lee describes his work as "precision pain relief".  His passion for massage therapy and his zest for continuing education allows him to offer a diverse range of therapeutic modalities.

A few words about us

In 2007 Lee founded the Ode2Joy Laughter Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Laughter Yoga is a combination of yogic breathing with gentle laughter exercises.  It relieves pain and stress.  On a spiritual level, it is a way to reconnect to our inner child-like joy.  The ability of Laughter Yoga to improve oxygen input and reduce stress hormones is key to emotional and physical improvement. 

 Lee has used his work to help those suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Cancer, as well as providing benefit to the families of those suffering from these and other debilitating diseases.  Businesses such as Covington Commons Assisted Living, Allen County City Employees, IPFW and Fort Wayne Community Schools have all benefited from Lee's classes.

 Lee has also produced several public service programs airing on Public Access television; he has appeared on Fox 55 News, News Channel 15; and has been featured in the News Sentinel, the Journal Gazette, and the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce publications, all highlighting the positive impact of Laughter Yoga.

 He has been the keynote speaker for corporations and other organizations on the positive impact of Laughter Yoga in the workplace and has trained their staff to become Laughter Yoga leaders.  Lee has worked with the Kachmann MindBody Institute, lecturing on alternative treatments for weight loss through massage therapy and Laughter Yoga.  This group joins the many corporations, churches and social organizations who are reaching out to Lee as a consultant for holistic health, stress management, team building and communications skills.  

Laughter Yoga

Lee's positive attitude and spontaneous sense of humor endears him to his clients.  He works with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Lee seeks to enrich the lives of his clients by offering them self-treatment techniques for everyday use.  This accelerates the healing process and lessens chronic pain.  Clients find this particularly helpful when they aren't able to alter their daily circumstances (e.g. overuse of computers, prolonged desk work, or other ongoing life stresses).

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