The psoas (pronounced so-az) muscle is a primary cause of back, hip, and groin pain.

The psoas is the major walking muscle.  It is a hydraulic pumping system stimulating all of the circulatory systems.  The psoatic shelf supports organs and is part of the fear reflex system.  Psoas supports the spine and when restricted it can compress vertebrae or create misalignment of the spine or hip.

The body of the Psoas has 5 nerve bundles, in which are affected by poor posture, stress, fear, and overuse or lengthy inactivity; these will cause the psoas to shorten, pulling you forward into fetal position.  Psoas pushing on the uterus causes painful menstrual cramps.  Psoas pushing the esophagus forward can create digestion problems.  The psoas is attached to many organs by connective tissues. Pain from the neck down to the feet can be relieved by treating the psoas. 

We are able to treat this muscle successfully and relieve pain and discomfort - ask us more at your visit!   

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