Chinese medicine cups are applied to the back using a small suction pump. In more restricted areas, cups may be left stationary for 3-5 minutes. Additional cups will be applied and moved in a variety of patterns over the back and shoulders. Cupping loosens muscles and connective tissue to release toxins and restore circulation to your nerves and muscles. Cups are applied according to your comfort level. This is an exceptionally relaxing form of deep tissue massage.


Pregnancy is a time when women deserve a break. This massage loosens muscles and relieves uncomfortable pressure due to fluid and toxin buildup. Swollen hands and feet are pampered. Tight shoulders and hips are loosened and mobilized. If Momma is happy, everybody is happy!


If you are an amateur or professional athlete wanting to perform at peak level, this is an energizing massage performed at a faster pace. Receive help with stretching, toning, and the rehab of muscles to accentuate the healing process.

Synergy Hot Stone

An integrative hot stone massage can be an excellent complement to your deep tissue massage. Heat is used as a tool to warm and loosen muscles, release connective tissues, and flush toxins. Heat often helps with scar tissue and cellulite buildup as well. 



Relax with this peaceful, soothing massage. Allow your body to heal while your muscles are lulled into a calm state. This is the perfect massage to help your mind and body rest and heal.

                                                 ​Cellulite Massage

Cellulite Massage normally targets abs, gluts, and thighs.  Fat burning detox oil is applied using a blend of deep tissue and lymphatic massage.  It tones muscles, breaks up restrictions, and drains toxins. 

                                              Rehab Massage

Rehabilitation Massage is a combination of massage and mobilization to recover from injury or surgery.  It is great for frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, knee and hip replacement.  Treatment is firm but gentle to client’s tolerance.   

Headache Therapy

There are many kinds of headaches, each requiring treatment to different muscles. Client is examined to determine the muscular source of pain. Muscles receiving detailed treatment will include: around the eyes, jaw, base of skull, entire neck, scalp, shoulders, and upper back. Self-treatment suggestions will be provided to prevent and reduce the number of headaches between sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Experience a customized massage focused on precision pain relief. Poor posture or injuries may cause adhesions or scar tissue. Firm to deep work is used to soften and loosen chronic tight layers of tissue. This helps the lymphatic system flush toxins from the body and promotes healing. This is a great treatment for anyone that experiences chronic pain. A wide variety of techniques are available to comfortably treat these conditions. 

Myofascial Release​

Connective tissues is in and around all of your muscles. It can be damaged by poor diet, improper posture, or injury. Specific treatment is required to restore proper circulation to the muscles and nerves that are being compressed. Gentle, sustained pressure and stretches are used to release congested and restricted connective tissue. This can also reduce body toxicity that promotes weight gain. 

Integrative Thai 

Bringing you the best of Eastern and Western techniques, this massage combines sustained and/or rhythmic compressions with optional yogic stretches to flush deeper buildup of toxins.

This is a fully clothed massage (i.e. flexible clothing such as yoga gear, sweats, or a t-shirt) done on a mat, on the floor, with a wide variety of bolsters for your comfort. Thai, Fijian, and Myofascial release methods are blended to provide custom pain relief,  making this superior to many table techniques. You can also choose a combination massage for even greater results. Ask for a sample -- you will not be disappointed.



This is a blend of styles tailored to meet your needs and may include: Sports, Deep Tissue, MFR, Reflexology, or Integrative Thai. Clients with conditions such as teeth grinding, joint replacement rehabilitation needs, surgical scar tissue, and plantar fasciitis can benefit greatly from this massage.

                                            Chair Massage
Chair massage can be used for targeted upper body treatment.  It’s fully clothed, convenient, and detailed.  It can be combined with clothed table massage. 

                                     Clothed Deep-Tissue

Clothed Deep Tissue Massage is a combination of trigger point work with myofascial release.  The whole body can be treated.  Several styles are blended to provide therapy and comfort.  Stretches and mobilizations can be added.  


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